Special Shopa Docket Offer

Free Building Consultation &
10% DISCOUNT on first year fees

We are offering a free building consultation and a 10% DISCOUNT on first year fees for those buildings looking to change their Owners Corporation Manager and who meet our criteria.

This is your opportunity to share your issues and for us to provide our views and expertise. 

In this workshop we will:

  • Gain clarity around the current state of your building
  • Prioritise the key issues you need to focus on 
  • Suggest ways to address these key issues

Apply now to see if you Qualify:

The Bluestone OCM Difference

The 4 Reasons to Choose Bluestone OCM

We are an independent, transparent and service focussed Owners Corporation Management business.

We manage complex and high-end buildings with resident amenities and a mix of owner occupiers and discerning tenants.

There are 4 aspects of our service that separates us from others:

Reason #1


1. Expertise

Diverse Skillset

We manage complex and high-end buildings with a mix of residential and commercial owners and residents. This wide range of expertise means we have the ability to deal with the complex problems that arise today.

Dedicated teams

With increasing building and regulatory complexity it's difficult for an Owners Corporation to be run by the traditional model of a single person who has the experience to solve all issues. That's why we combine our highly experienced senior OC Managers with teams dedicated to specific fields that can be drawn on to solve key problems as they arise.

Rigorous financial management and reporting

We have a dedicated Financial team with the expertise to not only quickly understand your buildings financials, but plan the best way forward.

Dedicated Internal Building Services Team

Managing the maintenance of a building is complex so we established our own Building Services team with the experience to deal with issues like major defects, cladding and compliance.

2. Proactive Management with Clear Communication


We bring an institutional approach and style to Owners Corporation Management. We are ethical, transparent, service oriented, flexible, thorough and committed. Our focus is working with Owners Corporation Committees who genuinely care about the on-going management of their buildings.

Plan ahead

Our many years of experience have taught us that if you plan ahead you reduce the number of issues and improve customer satisfaction. That’s why we have developed specific systems that combine Active OC management with clear policies & procedures.

Policies & Procedures

The secret to being proactive is utilising our processes, procedures, policies and guidelines in the management of our buildings. This allows us to efficiently provide comprehensive OC management services and to minimise future issues. These also assist with issues like resident management, Air BnB tenants: maintaining registers, breaches and on-charging costs.

Language Capability

We have language capability in Mandarin and Cantonese, which is extremely useful to assist with both written and verbal communications with residents and owners

Active OC Committee interaction and guidance

Our approach to OC management is best described as active, combining traditional communication methods with state of the art technology to provide the right guidance to committee's on all OC matters and decisions. This ensure's the committee's we work with are not only informed and aligned on the status of key tasks, but supportive of the plan moving forward.

State of the Art Technology

We deliver real-time online access to key information so everyone understands their building’s status. We utilise specialist task management software, Owner Portals, digital forms, online ballot systems and individual building websites to speed up communication and make us easy to work with.


Proactive Management with Clear Communication

Reason #3

Transparent Pricing

3. Transparent Pricing

Simple, Clear Upfront Pricing

We have a fixed price structure that clearly outlines our fee’s and charges so you can budget with confidence an no surprises.

No Hidden Arrangements

We maintain full independence and therefore don’t have hidden arrangements with suppliers. Our independence means we focus on selecting the right contractor for the right job and provide the best value for money.

4. Community Engagement

The secret to great buildings

In our many years of experience managing buildings we have found that an engaged and active community is the key to a great building culture and reputation. This is why this is a specific area of focus.

Promotion of community engagement

We work closely with OC Committees on initiatives to help establish a sense of community around the buildings, and on communication programmes to educate residents on rules and expectations.


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