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Hassle free Owners Corporation Set-up and Building Handover

The Bluestone OCM Difference

Hassle free Owners Corporation Set-up and Building Handover

We manage the entire Owners Corporation and building management set-up, including handing over to the new owners, allowing you to focus your time on delivering the building. 

How do we do this?

We have established a detailed methodology and checklist to manage the information required, actions for set-up, settlements, communication, move-ins and initial management priorities. 

Having been responsible for running a significant number of Owners Corporation (OC) set-ups and building handovers, Bluestone OCM has developed and refined a methodology and checklist with over 275 line items to manage the OC and Building set-up, covering the full process.  

The Bluestone Process

Building Set-up Process

Step 1

Define the plan

In this step we conduct a full review of building requirements. Working in close coordination with the Developer, the Settlements team, your Lawyers, the land surveyor and builder we finalise all requirements for the building handover and OC establishment including a detailed timeline.

Step 2

Set-up actions

In this step we set-up the Owners Corporation, finalise the plan of subdivision, OC Rules, Leases, Licences, Building Management set-up, Insurance, Contracts, finalising the budget, forms documents and manuals for residents and building operation.

Step 3

Preparation for settlements and handover

We now prepare the Inaugural AGM meeting, finalise the budget, software setup, OC certificates and a range of other actions to ensure a smooth transition.

Through close coordination with the building management team we prepare for move-ins and deliver site procedures, handover documentation and information manuals. 

Communications are key through this step to ensure all parties are aware of key timings and responsibilities. We use quick reference guides, welcome letters, move-in bookings and inductions and handbooks to ensure everyone has knowledge of next steps and feels part of the process.

Step 4

Initial management priorities and ongoing Owners Corporation Management

We work to quickly establish an ongoing management plan for the building with clearly defined processes and priorities. 

Through every step we keep you informed on progress so you’ll always know the status. 

Free Consultation

Developer Discussion

As you can tell from the above, we have a robust and proven process to quickly and easily set-up a building and move it through to handover.

But every building is different so feel free to setup a no obligation discussion with one of our experienced team members.

In this discussion we will:

  • Gain clarity around what you are trying to achieve
  • Explain our proven process and how it can work for your situation
  • Suggest key issues you need to consider
  • Layout a plan to complete building set-up.


Complete the details below and we’ll be in touch to discuss your needs.

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