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How to change over your Owners Corporation Manager

Reliable, hassle free Owners Corporation changeover

The Bluestone OCM Difference

Changing your OC Manager doesn't have to be difficult.

We have successfully taken over and transitioned over 45 Buildings from other OC Managers, and in doing so have developed a comprehensive methodology to ensure all financial aspects are handled, services are maintained during transition and risks are mitigated.   

We have a dedicated team (separate to OC Managers) who manage the take-over and transition of buildings, who are experienced and understand the process, requirements and technical aspects.  They work closely with the appointed OC Manager to ensure a smooth transition to on-going management and stay involved to provide support.  

So what’s the process?

The Bluestone Process

Building Takeover Process

Step 1

Deep Dive

Through an initial workshop, we first deep dive into your building and uncover the key issues and priorities. We look at things like key owner feedback, current financials and building health just to name a few.

Step 2

Bring in the Experts

Now it’s time to bring in the right experts to develop a plan to solve the key problems. Bluestone doesn’t rely on one manager to know it all. Our owners corporation managers can draw on specific expertise like our building services division or our OC Finance experts to not only uncover the issues, but develop the right plan to address them.

Step 3

Deliver An Operating Framework

In conjunction with your building committee, we provide guidance and recommendations on the best operating framework for your building. This framework not only outlines how we will address the immediate issues, but how we track progress with our task management system to ensure everyone clearly understands the status and delivery timing. 

Key Factors for a Successful Transition

Expertise (dedicated)

We have a dedicated team (separate to OC Managers) transition team that have managed the takeover and transition of many buildings from other managers and have a clear methodology and process we run through. We can transition the management of buildings quickly.

Detailed plans & processes

Our dedicated team are highly experienced and understand the process, requirements and technical aspects.

This team also understands clear timing plans are critical to a successful transition.

Excellent communication

Communication with all stakeholders is important in the lead up to, during and post transition of OC management. 

Our communication plan covers off things like engaging the outgoing OC Manager, letters of introduction to owners, residents and property managers and engagement plans with key contractors. 

Proactive risk mitigation plan.

It’s critical to not only understand the transition risks, but have a plan to mitigate them. We proactively manage risks like the outgoing OC Manager, financial risks, security and contractors just to name a few.

See if you Qualify

Free Building Consultation

We are offering a free building consultation for those buildings looking to change their Owners Corporation Manager and who meet our criteria.

This is your opportunity to share your issues and for us to provide our views and expertise. 

In this workshop we will:

  • Gain clarity around the current state of your building
  • Prioritise the key issues you need to focus on 
  • Suggest ways to address these key issues

We manage some of Melbournes most iconic buildings

How do you find the best Owners Corporation Manager?

Selecting the best Owners Corporation Manager can be difficult. What should you look for? What questions should you ask? 

Download our free guide that will have you asking the right questions so you can find the best OC Manager.

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