How Big is Melbourne Really?

We all look at Melbourne’s skyline and wonder who’s living in all these apartment towers? Surely a city like Melbourne doesn’t need all this accommodation. However, many might be surprised at just how big a city Melbourne actually is and how quickly our city is growing.

For instance, based on population, if Melbourne were in the USA where do you think it would rank? In the top 20? Maybe the top 10? Well in fact Melbourne with a population of 4.67 million would be the second largest city in the US, behind only New York, with 8.54 million. Next largest is Los Angeles with a population of around 4 million. Then Chicago (2.7mill), Houston (2.3mill) and Phoenix (1.62mill)

How about the UK? Again second. London is the largest City with a population of 9.75 million and then Birmingham (2.44mill)

In Russia we’d rank a close 3rd, 6th in India and 7th in the whole of the South American continent.


And we are growing fast!

Melbourne’s population in 2011 was 3.8 million, in 2016, 4.67 million. That’s an increase over the five years of 23%. If that same growth rate happens over the ensuing five years then our population in 2021 would be over 5.7 million.

The implications for this increased density living are huge. Body Corporate Management in Melbourne is growing in complexity and sophistication. More to come on this subject.

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